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Our programs help to build a sustainable world in Guatemala and Colombia. Take a trip in the heart of the "Mundo Maya" and help the Mayan communities. Our designers make an original program for discover a mystic world located between pyramids and ancient traditions. Guatemala is a magical country where the ancient culture of the Mayan people lives alongside bustling modernity. It's a country that allows students interested in culture, traditional religion, nature and social issues in a gorgeous setting.

 Our tours are designed with responsible and sustainable approach for student and adult groups or individual. You'll discover lost cities by our profesional guide, you'll be captivated by the luxuriant jungle. You will meet the local indigenous, be charmed by the Guatemalan lifestyle, and visit animated markets with heaps of articles made by master crafts. Besides, you'll meet the old spanish colonial heritage in Antigua, which offers incomparable architectural monuments. Since 12 years many schools, university's, adult groups, participated in our projects with us. We have established a reputation as one of the premier Sustainable Tour Operator in Central America, based on consistently delivering outstanding service at competitive rates. * We can work with your travel agent in your area or our affiliated travel agencies.

24 May 2013

Adventures and volunteering opportunities in Guatemala and Colombia: Volunteer group will work in rural area to improve primary school infrastructure, build a small house, and animate children. While experiencing the distinct beauty of Guatemala's towns, villages, groups traveling to Guatemala do work that strengthens communities and families.

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12 July 2011

Roger Comtois High School participated in the construction of a water tower in Guatemala, in order to provide potable water to a small local school.

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