(The Antigua Guatemala)

Antigua, a colorful and hospitable place, is recognized as the cultural center of the pre-discovered new world. Known as the origin of the mysterious Mayan Civilization and still predominately Indigenous, the country offers some of the continent's richest folklore.

The cultural blend of the Indigenous, Spanish and African peoples can be seen in many aspects of daily life. Ancient rituals are intertwined with those of Christianity. Moreover, there is an abundance of high quality, low-priced handmade goods. Antigua is one of the most beautiful colonial cities in all of Latin America, its charm and relaxed atmosphere attract students and travellers from all corners of the world.

Antigua, with its beautiful buildings, cobbled streets, squares and ruins, is a UNESCO cultural historic cultural site. The Antigúeño Baroque style developed its character immediate after the earthquakes of 1717 and peaked by the earthquakes of 1773.

Located outside of the city are small villages inhabited mostly by indigenous people and Guatemala City is only 45 kms from Antigua. Three nearby volcanoes, Volcán de Agua, Volcán de Acatenango and Volcán de Fuego, all offer incomparable views of the city and surrounding countryside.

Typical elements of the Antigueno Baroque period are: the decorative use of stucco, cobblestone streets, projecting stone balconies with wrought iron railings and ornamental fountains in the squares. Some of the most interesting monuments include the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, the University of San Carlos and the San Francisco Church.

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Students should fly into Guatemala City International airport: (La Aurora) which is located 4km south of the city. Students are picked up at the airport (included in price) and taken to the main bus station to then catch a bus to Antigua, which takes about 1 hour.


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