Is an international development charity that aims to break the cycle of poverty by eliminating poverty housing and homelessness. Every morning dozen people wake up in appalling poverty. As a result, their health is poor, they struggle to earn a living, buy food or medicine and often cannot afford to send their children to school.

Poverty housing is the 'mark' of poverty and it keeps people poor, dependent and vulnerable, for generation after generation.

We believes that enabling everyone to have a safe, decent place to live is catalytic in breaking the cycle of poverty. Everyone has a right to clean water, an education or healthcare, and we believe everyone also has a right to a safe, decent home. We champion that right, and to make poverty housing a matter for conscience and action.

We do this in such a way as to build the capacity and capabilities of each community, so that they are active participants in the solution to their housing problems and not passive recipients of aid.

They emerge from the process not just with homes, but with the skills and assets to be able to make further positive community-focused changes in their neighbourhood.

We work at community level in Guatemala, through local people who play an active part in solving their own housing problems with our assistance.

Voluntary Labour: Using voluntary labour drives the cost of building a new home down. The modal average cost of eache home in the developing world is just $3500 us. But we don't just facilitate the building of new homes. Many people living in poverty opt for renovating or extending the home that they have, as this is more affordable for them.

Recycling of school supplies

Participate in one of our green projects, recovery of used school equipment such as desks, tables and chairs help to provide access to education to a greater number of children once renovated.

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Small or large projects

You have a group project you've always kept heart, we are the team you need for your large and small projects. The building missions are a great opportunity for volunteers to get involved and help communities in need where there is a lack of infrastructure. Contribute to the construction of a school, a community center and renovate or rebuild small houses can make a big difference to local communities.

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Social works

If you want to get involved in neighborhood initiatives, we can offer you an exciting mission for those who enjoy working on our construction of community buildings. Our construction project allows them to leave these deplorable conditions and fit in a better quality buildings. Local and volunteers work side by side. E Accommodation host family or hotel..

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The volunteer groups tasks on such sites are varied:
- Digging foundations
- Mixing cement
- Building news walls
- Repair the roof
- Painting student classrooms and more..

Building schools and houses abroad: Our building missions allow volunteers to immerse themselves in the local community. Volunteers work with local, to ensure that projects meet the needs of local and are completed even after you leave. Note that the tools and techniques of construction in developing countries are different from those you find in Canada or USA, often the equipment is simple and limited to construction. Each pair of hands on construction missions is useful! The construction is essentially an outside job, so requiring a minimum of physical strength. If you have skills in the building trades, it will be useful there. But it is not an obligation, when you are motivated and ready for physical work, you are welcome on this project that needs voluntary labor Work began early in the morning and finish early in the afternoon, you have free time, which gives you the opportunity to get involved with the local community, spending time with the kids, or just to relax. Open for Hight School groups or adult groups.

RECYCLING: The Amistad Project also offers recycling programs, such as the recycling of school supplies, desks, shelves, tables and chairs, etc.. This is a valuable tool not only to small local school, but also the children of the community will have access to schooling, and therefore more generally to the whole community will benefit. New desks, clean and in excellent conditions will bring a major change in the conditions of the study children.