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Spanish School Colombia
Learning Program

Our learning programs are for all ages, for group or individual. Offer a integration experience as well as real contact with the population of Cartagena. Colombia has international reputation and offer the best schools.

Our school is approved by the Board of Education of Colombia and are visited by numerous universities and international agencies. Our rate of satisfaction is 100%. The teachers are selected, qualified and recognized by Colombia Universities. Each and every one of them have received a special training for foreign students to ensure a fast and effective learning experience. An intensive program custom made plus one teacher, one student assure you a warm and human approach that makes learning a second language easy. The building is colonial style and has many rooms that are used as classes. Sometimes, the student prefers the garden or the library to receive the classes. We have courses of 20, 25, or 30 hours per week.
Our programs are custom made for different, public or private organizations. *Testimonials.

Hight School Groups an individual program:
We have the option of one student per one teacher or smal student group per one teacher and the school is able to take groups of up to 70 students, though the school used for big groups is located in the town of Cartagena and Santa Marta. We can organize cultural, ecotourism or touristically activities in perfect combination with the learning program.

The sleeping arrangements are in the same town and it is allowed up to two students per family but only if they are from the same group and the group is big enough. We are also able to provide an cultural exchange between schools from different countries or the integration of your group into a Colombian establishment where the foreign student adapts to the local school.

Accommodations: Family homestay or Hostal
There are two options to choose from that are very near from where you will study, two of them are little townships ant the other one is the colonial city of Cartagena.

Cartagena :
''The charm of the walled city''. The magic of Cartagena lies in its massive fortifications, the warmth of the people, the richness of the architecture and the infinite range of cultural expression of a doughty and valiant people. The city is full of romance, and there is the setting for many a tale of times past in every street and square, and along the walls that bound it, waiting for the sunset to evoke past struggles. On a sunny day vibrates with color along the facades of the buildings and the sea breeze refreshes the visitor on his way along the narrow streets of the old city. The monuments are there: sober, ancient monasteries, churches, battlements and the remains of bloody battles: a testimony to the invincible men and women who brought freedom to the "heroic city". Night falls, and is bathed in a light of its own, coming to life and transforming itself. It is a unique atmosphere that captivates the visitor and takes him back to times past and forgotten, in a horse and carriage. From the walls there is a beautiful view of the sea. Then, euphoria grows and the tireless fiesta dances on until the first rays of the sun sweep away the mysteries of the night. Yes, this is Cartagena. A city that tells its own past, its fascinating history and its rebirth in every age.

Level: Upon your arrival a test will be passed to the students to determine the level of Spanish. According to the test results, they will be places in beginners, intermediate or advanced level.

The activities are organized after class or on weekends

Group activities
• Latin dance lessons salsa and merengue
• Cartagena City Tour
• Documental videos in Spanish
• Island visits $
• Hike to Tayrona Park $
• Spanish conversation
• Trips to small towns $
• Visit to communitarian projects $

$ 925
$ 1335
$ 1750
Smal group
Smal group
Smal group
Smal group
Included: 20 hours, smal group spanish lessons, private room, adequate study area, weekly change of bed linen & towel, house key, clean shower & bathroom, daily meals except the Sundays. 2 Transfers Airport / Family / Airport. Simple occupancy and private room. *If required, laundry services can be provided at an additional weekly fee. *Private bathroom+$us/week.*Also offer in Antigua, Guatemala.
**Colombia Spanish School also offers in Santa Marta, look tourism information.

For reservation: info@school-trip.ca